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1000 Sansome

San Francisco, CA

Jennifer Brodie, while a Project Architect at Lundberg Design, led the initial schematic design and design development on this project and handed it off to others to bring it to fruition.

This project was a remodel of an old bank building that had beautiful exposed Douglas fir beams and columns.  In this new design we decided to repurpose as much of the structural material as we could.  We cut a large light well down to the old basement which had been underutilized to create a connection and bring light to the basement.  Then we took the material from not only that intervention, but other places as well, and repurposed them to make a unique staircase of steel and wood.  We also introduced a new wood wall to line the hallway and lead to the new wood and steel stair.  

Bringing light into the space was a central design idea so, in addition to the new light well, we also opened up the spaces on each floor significantly and added a glass floor to bring more light down to the basement.   At the entry we used floor to ceiling channel glass throughout to allow light to filter in as it never had before.  There was a purposeful intent to let the materials speak for themselves and to celebrate their rawness and beauty.

This project was a joint project between Lundberg Design and MacCracken Architects
Contractor: CCI Construction
Photography: Rien Van Rijthoven