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Elm Street Re-design

Lodi, California

Downtown Lodi has experienced a renaissance in the last couple of years with the design and development of School Street, which is essentially Lodi’s Main Street. This project compliments the new street by anchoring it on the north end with a new entertainment zone. The intent is to link two parking/retail structures to the Cineplex, all of which are wrapped with retail while also enhancing the Elm Street experience from the parking structures to the Cineplex. The Urban Design Plan designates Elm Street to become primarily a pedestrian mall with new paving, landscaping, lighting, street furniture and kiosks. The street paving design would delineate parking stalls that allow parking when the street is open for traffic at certain times, but still functions as a curbless plaza when it is closed to traffic at other times of the day and night allowing for weekend Farmer’s Markets or Festivals to exist.