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Ferrari Mill Valley

Mill Valley, California

This was a collaboration with Fortibus, the Italian designer for Ferrari’s corporate showrooms, the manager of Ferrari Mill Valley, and Worthington A+D.  The existing building was a relatively nondescript building and the original interior was somewhat dated and chopped up.  We were tasked with taking Fortibus’s general conceptual design ideas and integrating that into the existing space. The design created an entry area into the space with a large open showroom with recessed lighting and white walls in addition to offices and bathrooms.  Once you proceed through the space there is an area where the customer can pick out all the various finishes for the car.  We remodeled the upstairs as well where we capitalized on the vaulted ceiling and accentuated the space with hardwood flooring and unique lighting.

The interior was meant to create an intimate yet high-end feel and be the antithesis of walking into a run-of-the-mill automobile showroom.