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Firefighter’s Memorial Competition

Worchester, MA

The Firefighter Memorial was a competition we entered for a memorial in Worchester, Massachusetts. The competition called for the design of a memorial for 6 firefighters who lost their lives in a fire there in Worchester a few years before.

The idea was multi-faceted. First, the geometry of the site plan was influenced by the line drawn from the site of the proposed memorial to the site where the fire actually occurred a few miles away. The design calls for a plaza on the edge of the lake where there would be 6 slabs of stone describing each of the firefighters. A curving pier takes you out into the lake for a different perspective of the memorial and provides for a solemn place in the water to give your respect to the fallen heroes. The architectural element was inspired by a fireman’s helmet, resulting in a curving shape of the hall that would show the timeline of the fire. Four sets of steel poles behind this structure with red lights on top, indicate the number of the firehouse where the firefighters came from.

Out of 200 or more entrys, our project made it to the top ten but was not selected as a finalist.