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McAuley Residence

Piedmont, California

The mission for this project was to perform a badly needed renovation of their small and dark kitchen and powder room.  The solution was to remove walls to combine three rooms and a hallway to create one open, airy and sun basked kitchen and breakfast room that also connected to the outdoors in a way that did not exist before.  The idea was to have a large island that would act not only as the heart of kitchen but the whole house as well.

We re-used a large piece of re-purposed wood as the raised portion of the island counter.  The island itself has cabinets on three sides to pick up more storage and there is a built in pantry with doors that swing open and recess back into the cabinet to expose the microwave and the toaster oven when being used, but hidden when not in use.  There is also a wooden wall with the television recessed that links the cabinetry in the breakfast area to the adjacent kitchen.

The connection to the backyard which was all but non-existent was accentuated by the new doors leading out to patio large enough to have a breakfast table and BBQ.  A trellis was added as well to tie in this new exterior alteration to the rest of the house and its original style.