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Nob Hill Residence

This project was completed by Jennifer Brodie while she was a Project Architect at Lundberg Design.  As the project lead she took the project from initial schematic design all the way through construction administration.   

The project was a complete remodel of what was originally three units on the top floor of a high-rise in San Francisco’s Nob Hill neighborhood where the top floor consisted of 4 units. As the project progressed, the client bought the final fourth unit and asked us to combine all four units together and make them into one with a commanding 360 degree view of the City, Bay and iconic bridges.  This spectacular view was originally limited by low ceilings and windows and doors that were both outdated and had wide mullions that served as a barrier to the view.  A heavy railing around the limited outdoor space also obscured the view.

Our design solution aimed to resolve this in three ways.  First, we researched and ultimately specified a European exterior door and window system with the thinnest of mullions to make it feel like there weren’t any doors or windows there at all.  Secondly, we worked with the mechanical engineers to create the thinnest duct system we could in order to raise the ceilings higher than they were before.  This solution not only helped with the view but made the space feel less compact and claustrophobic.  Lastly, we created a new covered and heated patio for outdoor dining and socializing by notching into the exterior façade.  We custom designed a glass railing supported by steel posts embedded into the concrete parapet.  The new design was strong enough to not have a top rail so it would not interfere with the view, but still resist an intense wind load.

We adhered to the client’s preference to have a more traditional look to the architectural elements, but we also gave them a modern, free-flowing interior floor plan with dramatic unobstructed views and grand spaces that work well for both comfortable living and for their frequent entertaining.

Photography by Dale Tan