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Outdoor Sports Facility

Covered Outdoor Exercise Area Remodel

Oakland, California

We were asked to expand an existing sports facility space by creating some usable space between the existing athletic center building and a parking lot.  This request came about during the pandemic so it was also a way to conduct weight training sessions outside where masks would not be needed.  We proposed two options.  Both options allowed us to light the space by bouncing light off of the roof covering which also acted as protection from the rain or harsh sun. 

Option 1 is a little more modern and proposes a series of canted poles holding a stretched fabric providing lighting and protection. 

Option 2 is a little more traditional and proposes a wood trellis with translucent glazing on the top. 

In both solutions a planter buffer is proposed with bamboo plants to provide a sense of enclosure and to block the view of the parking lot and cars which is adjacent to the exterior exercise space.