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Pacific Structures Offices

San Francisco, CA

The Pacific Structures’ office space consists of two floors, 3,400 SF each.  The two floors have 2 exterior facing walls looking down on a vibrant and busy urban street intersection. 

The program called for a combination of open office spaces as well as some private, enclosed office spaces, 2 conference rooms, an area for a pool table, a kitchen area and small reception area. 

The central idea, influenced by a very tight budget and the fact that this was the office of a concrete contractor, was to celebrate the rawness of the exposed concrete walls and concrete ceiling.  We also exposed and celebrated the mechanical system and the electrical conduit while contrasting the rough surfaces with more finished and refined materials of wood, carpet and gypsum board.  Also, celebrating the rawness of the space enabled us to make the space feel more open and without a dropped ceiling, the space feels more spacious.