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Sea Ranch Residence

Sea Ranch, California

This project was completed by Jennifer Brodie while she was a Project Architect at Lundberg Design.  As the project lead she took the project from initial schematic design through limited construction administration.   

Building at Sea Ranch is both a challenge and an opportunity and this house was no different.  Adhering to the many restrictive design guidelines of Sea Ranch as well as working with the natural terrain, we set out to create a home for our client that not only satisfied the strict regulations but that also capitalized on two of the most important aspects of the site – the view and the sun.  Our design solution is a vertically sided wooded building that nestles nicely into the landscape and provides the views one would hope for on this gorgeous cliff overlooking the Northern California Pacific Ocean. The form is simple in lines and due to the no overhang rules of the subdivision, we set back the southern and western windows from the face of the building in order to provide some shade from the intense sunlight.  Knotty pine encapsulates the interior spaces giving the feeling of being beneath the bark of the tree.  We were able to make the house higher than expected as a result of siting the building close to a berm. The overall result is a calm and discrete home that provides the owners with a warm and secure oasis overlooking the incredible western vista.

Contractor: Empire Contracting Inc.
Photography: Ryan Hughes